Role and Responsibilities

The responsibilities of CBOs include:

Staffing. Host CBOs will hire, onboard, and supervise their team of Digital Navigators.

Day-to-Day Program Operations. Host CBOs are responsible for ensuring Navigator services are provided on a regular daily basis for their communities. This includes ensuring the program is adequately staffed and physical spaces are allocated for services. It should also ensure navigators have adequate transportation to provide off-site or home-based services for community members as needed. Finally, host CBOs should customize the Digital Navigator Program services to their community and communicate any special needs or requirements to the PM and County.

Outreach & Promotion. Host CBOs and their staff of Navigators are responsible for program outreach and promotion in their communities. This should include: incorporating Program information in the CBO’s other programs internally, partnering with other organizations in the community to receive referrals, door-to-door or in-person outreach, social media/text-based outreach, attending or organizing community events, etc.

Participating in PM Trainings & Activities. Host CBOs are responsible for participating in PM trainings and ongoing convenings.

Community Voice. Host CBOs should receive input on the Program from community members on at least an annual basis and communicate the feedback to PMs and the County. This should come in the form of hosting an annual community listening session, open forum, or another effective means of obtaining feedback.

Reporting. Host CBOs should report on Program activities, metrics, and budget on a quarterly basis.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Based in at least one of the following target communities with a successful track record of providing local services: Boyle Heights, East Los Angeles, Panorama City, Pico-Union, South Los Angeles, Sun Valley – North Hollywood, and Watts – Willowbrook.
  • At least one physical location in the community with adequate space to host Digital Navigator services and activities
  • Extensive experience in conducting community-wide outreach and partnerships with other community organizations and centers
  • Cultural competence and language capacity to meet the needs of their community and experience working with youth, families, and seniors.
  • Preferred: Experience with digital inclusion services and experience with community mobilization or organizing campaigns.
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