The Know to Say No campaign is a community-driven effort to prevent human trafficking in Los Angeles County. Through education, awareness, and advocacy, we aim to empower parents, teachers, youth, and the community at large to recognize the signs and risks of human trafficking and take action to prevent it.

If you suspect or know that a child is a victim of Human Trafficking, please contact the LA County Child Protection Hotline at (800) 540-4000 or 911

We believe that education, awareness, and community involvement are key to ending this terrible crime, and we’re committed to providing you with the information and resources you need to make a difference. In this section, we’ve compiled a list of ten things parents, teachers, and the community can do to help prevent child trafficking, as well as a list of ways to work with children and youth to empower them to recognize and respond to potential dangers. From education and advocacy to direct involvement and support, there are many ways you can join the fight against human trafficking in our community.

As our kids mention in their letters, this is OUR community, and it is our responsibility to get involved, and help protect our youth from human trafficking. This is an issue that is happening in every community, often right in front of us. Being aware, educated and taking action can make the difference in the life of a youth.

10 Ways YOU can make an impact

Engage with our Youth

  • Help children and youth understand the tactics and dangers of human trafficking through age appropriate conversations and educational material.
  • Teach children and youth how to recognize and respond to suspicious activity, and encourage them to speak up if they feel uncomfortable or unsafe.
  • Foster a safe and supportive environment where children and youth feel comfortable sharing their experiences and concerns
  • Provide children and youth with access to resources and support networks, such as trusted adults, counselors, or peer groups.
  • Encourage children and youth to get involved in community efforts to prevent human trafficking, such as volunteer work or advocacy campaigns
  • Empower children and youth to be leaders in the fight against human trafficking by giving them opportunities to share their experiences and ideas
  • Teach children and youth how to access and use resources such as the National Human Trafficking Hotline and the Los Angeles County Child Protection Hotline
  • Foster a culture of respect and kindness, and discourage behaviors that objectify or devalue others
  • Help children and youth develop strong social and emotional skills, such as empathy, self awareness, and assertiveness, to help them navigate potentially dangerous situations
  • Encourage children and youth to take care of themselves physically, emotionally, and mentally, and provide them with resources and support to do so.

Educate Yourself and your Community

  • Educate yourself and others about the signs and risks of human trafficking in children and youth. Spread awareness through social media, school events, and community meetings
  • Talk to the children in your life about the risks of human. trafficking and teach them how to identify potential dangers. Encourage open and honest communication.
  • Keep an eye out for suspicious activity in your community and report any potential cases of human trafficking to local authorities.
  • Stay connected with local schools and community organizations, and communicate regularly with teachers, counselors, and other leaders.
  • Get involved with community organizations that work to prevent human trafficking and support victims
  • Volunteer your time and resources to organizations that work with at risk youth and trafficking survivors.
  • Advocate for stronger laws and policies that protect children and youth from exploitation.
  • Attend trainings and workshops on how to identify and respond to human trafficking.
  • Support local law enforcement agencies in their efforts to identify and prosecute human traffickers.
  • If you suspect a child or youth is being trafficked, call the Los Angeles County Child Protection Hotline at 1 800 540 4000
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