About the Internships & Job Training Initiative

The Internships & Job Training initiative helps LA County residents explore opportunities in computer and information technology industries and prepares them with the skills and networks they need to pursue a career in those fields. The initiative provides members direct access to job opportunities, mentorships, and hundreds of training courses offered through our partners.

Who is eligible to be a member?

Membership to Delete the Divide’s Internships & Job Training initiative is completely free to those who:

  • Are at least 16 years of age
  • Live in the County of Los Angeles
  • Reside within an underserved community

Use this link to check your eligibility.

Am I located in an underserved community?

LA County communities where more than 20% of the households lack internet access are considered adversely impacted by the digital divide and in an underserved community. To view an interactive map of these communities, see our Maps of the Divide. 

What does the Internships & Job Training initiative offer?

The Internships & Job Training initiative offers a diverse range of services and resources. Members can:

  • Access FREE online, self-paced training courses
  • Earn a technology certification at no cost
  • Receive mentorship 
  • Learn about technology and develop usable tech skills
  • Participate in conferences, tours, ceremonies, and special events
  • Access opportunities for academic scholarships, paid internships, and job placement
  • Shadow a professional who is in the career that matches their interest
Do I need to have a computer and internet access?

Yes, a computer or laptop and internet access is needed to participate in self-paced online courses and certain virtual events. If a member is in need of a computer device, Delete The Divide will provide information on available resources to access computer equipment at no cost or substantially reduced rates. 

Do I need parent/guardian permission to enroll?

Parents/Guardians will be required to sign appropriate forms for all youth under the age of 18. Parents are encouraged to help their youth stay committed to completing the selected pathway. 

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Apply to be a Technology Intern

The Delete the Divide Internship program is pursuing qualified candidates to fill Technology Professional Intern. 

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