Role & Responsibilities

Digital Navigators are trusted guides, responsible for providing community members with ongoing support in the following four areas:  

  • Affordable Internet Access: Helping residents connect to affordable internet service in their area, including helping residents to sign up for federal subsidy programs like the Affordable Connectivity Program or other available low-cost internet programs. 
  • Device Acquisition: Helping residents gain access to internet-enabled devices that residents can use to access affordable internet service in their neighborhoods. This may include helping residents to locate refurbished computers or other affordable options in their area. 
  • Technical Skills: Providing technical assistance or digital skills training directly to residents or connecting residents to classes through local digital literacy service providers. 
  • Ongoing Support: Tracking the needs of residents in the three areas listed above and ensuring that ongoing support is provided to residents over time, as needed.


We’re looking for candidates with the following skills: 

  • Fluency in English and Spanish preferred
  • Cultural competency: ability to understand and respect values, attitudes, and beliefs that differ across cultures 
  • Lived experience in or strong knowledge of underserved neighborhoods in Los Angeles County 
  • Experience with community outreach, teaching, and/or customer service
  • Excellent communication skills: ability to demonstrate a positive attitude, excellent interpersonal skills, cultural sensitivity, and a sense of humor in working with diverse customers, coworkers, and community members
  • Patience: ability to fully embrace the challenge of learning and teaching basic technological concepts related to internet services, computer and device characteristics, and common online services and applications 
  • Computer, smart phone, and internet proficiency and a willingness and enthusiasm to learn new technology tools and devices
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