How you can get connected

Affordable Internet

Receive $30 off your monthly internet bill through the Affordable Connectivity Program

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Community Broadband Networks

Enabling free, high-speed internet for eligible LA County residents

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Internships & Job Training

Access to free technology training courses, certificates, and job opportunities 

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Small Businesses Connections

Improve your business’ digital tools and online presence 

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About the Digital Divide

The digital divide is theeconomic, educational, and social inequalities between those who have computers and internet access and those who do not.* 


Households without home computers


Households with no internet access


Households only have internet access through their cell phones

The digital divide has existed for decades with disproportionate impacts on households located in low-income areas and among populations that are predominantly Black and Latino. In today’s society, a computer and reliable internet service are essential to accessing education, employment opportunities, healthcare services, financial resources, support networks, and commerce. 

*2019 American Communities Survey 5-Year Estimates

image of census block groups where more than 20% of households do not have internet access

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Featured News and Events

Tech Empowerment Day (RECAP)

Follow us on Instagram! In a world so intricately spurred by evolving tech innovation, those without reliable Internet access or technological resources face significant disadvantages.…

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Other Resources

Department of Social Services

DPSS is there to help low-income families and individuals.

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Tech2go Computer Bundles

Check Out Computer Bundles From the Library Tech2go Computer Bundles come equipped with a Chromebook…

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The Internet Action Team

Check out “Connecting Communities Countywide,” a roadmap to a more equitable future for LA County

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Human IT

Sign up for free self-paced computer and internet training, available in both English and Spanish

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Free Wi-Fi Locator

Interactive maps of locations throughout LA County that offer free public Wi-Fi

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Affordable Service Programs

Find affordable internet service programs using your zip code

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L.A. County Library Laptop and Hotspot Loans

Borrow a Chromebook and wireless hotspot to access the internet

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Trained computer aides that offer technology assistance, computer support, and mobile device support

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Find low-cost internet and computers in your area

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